Staying up-to-date on new types of attacks is one of the main challenges in securing mainframe environments today, according to a poll conducted by Enterprise Management Associates for IBM. Here you can read the latest articles on mainframe security, from multifactor authentication for mainframes to data safety and everything in between to stay in the know.
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Cybersecurity Gaps and Opportunities in the Logistics Industry

3 min read - Shipping and logistics is, in many ways, the backbone of our lives and businesses. What business doesn't benefit from fresh food or a timely delivery? Unfortunately, this industry is open to cyberattacks just like anyone else. Luckily, groups in the trucking and logistics industry aren't powerless to address these challenges. Check out how you can begin to take a strategic approach to security on the road. Recent Cyberattacks on the Logistics SectorTrucking and logistics companies suffered their fair share of cyber…

3 min read

Are Cybercriminals Winning the Mainframe Security Cat-and-Mouse Game?

3 min read - Just as mainframes are seeing a resurgence in usage, a recent poll revealed that multiple factors are converging to make it harder to secure the mission-critical data they contain and, increasingly, share with cloud-based systems and applications. Respondents cited new types of attacks as a top challenge and indicated that simple security measures are not yet widely adopted. Even as a large and growing number of organizations point to security as a top benefit of the mainframe over other platforms…

3 min read

Top Five Security Focus Areas for Mainframes

5 min read - Mainframes remain the backbone of the world's transaction processing infrastructure, from financial data, to business logic, to customer data and more. Because of their significance in this process, mainframes once sat in a secured, physical data center, separated from the rest of the company's user devices and sometimes excluded from certain parts of the day-to-day security program. This model is changing, with data center consolidation, hybrid cloud models and new designs that allow mainframes to operate in traditional data center…

5 min read

Innovation or Security? With Multifactor Authentication for the Mainframe, You Can Have Both

3 min read - With the widespread adoption of new technology that combines multifactor authentication (MFA) with a seamless user experience, it's now time for organizations to strengthen their security posture by integrating mainframe into their seamless, user-centric authentication programs. Some IT managers may shudder at the thought. After all, the mainframe typically holds the organization's crown jewels. Mainframe security has traditionally been tightly controlled and limited to a small number of authorized users. But in today's free-flowing environment, expanding access to sensitive corporate…

3 min read
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