Healthcare data breaches are more expensive than those in any other sector, according to the 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report from IBM. Read the latest articles on cybersecurity in healthcare, including those about protecting patients' personally identifiable information (PII), the medical internet of things (IoT) and more.
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Hospital Ransomware Attack: Here’s What a Cybersecurity Success Story Sounds Like 

3 min read - Major ransomware attacks are scary, but against hospitals, they are even worse. One notable attack in August 2021 forced Ohio’s Memorial Health System emergency room to shut down (patients were diverted to other hospitals). In all hospital attacks, the health, safety, privacy and lives of patients face risk. But this incident also shows that whether targets are hospitals or any other kind of organization, the time and money spent preventing attacks is almost always worth it.  But what do you do…

3 min read

Understanding the Cyber Risk Exposures Within the Health Care Industry

4 min read - The health care industry is one of the most popular and lucrative targets for cyberattacks and malicious activity. Health care organizations always present as an attractive proposition to hackers as they possess high volumes of sensitive information about patients and rely on highly vulnerable medical devices.Advancements in medical procedures and the growth in digital innovation have led to an increase in the complexity of networks and security. Medical firms need to ensure they protect their data, employees and patients with…

4 min read

Hospital Ransomware Attacks Go Beyond Health Care Data

4 min read - The health care industry has been on the front lines a lot lately. Along with helping control the effects of COVID-19, it has been a prime target for ransomware. In a 2021 survey conducted of 597 health delivery organizations (HDOs), 42% had faced two ransomware attacks in the past couple of years. Over a third (36%) attributed those ransomware incidents to a third party, such as what happened earlier this year with Kaseya. The effects go beyond stolen health care…

4 min read

What Is the True Cost of a Health Care Data Breach?

4 min read - The health care industry has remained the top data breach target for eleven years in a row. Highly sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) held by health care systems is an attractive target. After all, it contains all the information used for identity theft. In addition, that data may be stored on less secure networks than systems in other highly regulated industries. Data protection becomes more complex in a health care environment where a large number of computers, devices and…

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