As the world operates more remotely, from home or a coffee shop or even on the go, mobile security is an increasing concern. Learn about the various threats to your mobile operations, from your cellular phone to WiFi and beyond, and how to best secure your connections.
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Will the Metaverse Usher in a Universe of Security Challenges?

4 min read - How much do you know about the metaverse? Everyone started talking about the metaverse in the summer of 2021. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked it off with his plan to focus his company on building what he imagined would be the future of social, business, leisure and culture: the metaverse. He even changed the name of his company from Facebook to Meta. Since then, the chatter about the coming changes has been loud. Silicon Valley, the global tech industry, the…

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The Most Important Security Takeaway from the October Facebook Outage

4 min read - The massive October 4th Facebook outage was not due to a breach and was not classified as a security issue. But the fact that it went down — and was inaccessible for an extended period — is itself a security concern that the enterprise must address. That security concern is business continuity. According to reports, The Facebook outage was due to a misconfiguration of the border gateway protocol (BGP) that snowballed beyond its control. Somehow, as part of routine maintenance,…

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Cyber Warfare: What To Expect in 2022

6 min read - Cyberwarfare is not a future threat—it’s a clear and present danger. While the concept of cyber terrorism might sound like something from a fictional movie, our interconnected world is riddled with security flaws that make it an unfortunate reality. Digital transformation has brought great convenience to consumers with mobile apps and e-commerce. And the evolution of the cloud and shift to remote work environments are a boon for productivity and performance. But for criminals and political activists, the modern internet…

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It’s Not Too Soon to Start Talking About 6G

3 min read - We may be only a short time into 5G deployments, but discussions of the impact 6G technology will have on our lives have already started. In late 2020, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions created a new group called the Next G Alliance to “advance North American mobile technology leadership over the next decade through private sector-led efforts.” You have certainly heard of some of the founding members of this organization, such as AT&T, Ericsson, Mitre, Verizon and Booz Allen Hamilton.…

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