Risk is a factor at multiple organizational levels, from individuals to third parties and beyond. With so many new and changing risks coming into play, it is imperative to stay up to date and know how to protect your organization from such risks. Read the latest articles on security considerations around risk, including operational risk management, third-party risk and security awareness training.
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Easy Configuration Fixes Can Protect Your Server from Attack

4 min read - In March 2023, data on more than 56,000 people — including Social Security numbers and other personal information — was stolen in the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority breach. The online health insurance marketplace hack exposed the personal details of Congress members, their families, staff and tens of thousands of other Washington-area residents. It appears the D.C. breach was due to “human error”, according to a recent report. Apparently, a computer server was misconfigured to allow access to data without proper…

4 min read

DevSecOps: Striking a Balance Between Speed and Security

2 min read - The current fast-paced business environment demands quick delivery of new products and services, often at the expense of security. To address this, DevSecOps has emerged as a security-focused approach to software development that reconciles the trade-off between speed and security. DevSecOps ensures that security is not an afterthought but a crucial aspect integrated into every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including design, development, testing and deployment. This approach helps organizations identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities early in the…

2 min read

Paying Ransomware’s Ransom: Why it’s Time to Reconsider

4 min read - Each year, we continue our everlasting hope that ransomware attacks will disappear. The unfortunate reality is that ransomware is as prominent as ever. Experts predict that ransomware attacks will only become more frequent and sophisticated, posing an even greater threat across all industries. When ransomware strikes, the biggest question a company has to answer is typically whether to pay the ransom. But paying the ransom is only a fraction of the total cost to a business. In some cases, companies…

4 min read

A History of Ransomware and the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

4 min read - The number and complexity of cybersecurity tools have grown at a dizzying pace in recent decades. As cyber threats like ransomware became more numerous and complex, antivirus and threat management tools expanded to meet these challenges. Security experts now often find themselves with too many choices and a market too rich with options. Choosing, running and training on these tools can become a problem. From the first “computer worm” to ransomware, let’s review the evolution of cyber threats and the…

4 min read
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