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Technical Presentation

Transcript: Shooting Dates (Outdoor): (Potential) Studio Set up 2 Indoor Set-up 1 (Aidan's house) We will carry portable lights and reflectors in case we need them, but most likely the daylight will be sufficient. Lots of focus pulls in the performance which we found interesting. Cuts between narrative/performance similarly to how we want to. Individual shots will be taken with both studio set-ups - LS, MS, MCU, CU (of faces and of instruments) Static shots of all types - WS of the band and individual closer shots. Outdoor Set-up 1/2 Camera movement Indoor Set-up 2 (Aidan's house) GoPro One shot at 0:25 that we might want. Shows singer as an inspirational figure Street wall Spotlights on individuals to minimise light hitting black curtain. Shooting dates (Studio): Studio Set up 1 The walls will have music/ drumming posters and there will be music magazines and boyish clothes scattered around the floor and bed. Again, we will use daylight and the street is nearby the first outdoor location. Sony V1E - we are filming indoors and outdoors. Desk Again infinite black. This will have papers and folders on it, with a noticeboard in front, also covered in papers (letters, notes etc.) Also Empty coffee cups (2/3). Acoustic guitar Electric guitar Drum kit Dolly Markers (for the floor) Microphone Official looking papers/letters Lots of stationery Rejection letters (to be made) Band audition poster (to be made) Music magazines Drumming posters Mobile phone Cup Visual references Camera Portable lights and reflectors if the lighting if the lamp on the desk is not enough. (Archway close to indoor location) The Defiance/Group 5 - Technical Presentation We plan to film takes of the song with: Bedroom Coloured spotlights (keeping consistent colours to previous set up) Lighting style at start, camera movements Saturday 9th November Sunday 17th November Saturday 23rd November This applies to full band shots, individual shots, and narrative. Street/ Lampost Infinite black background using the black curtain. - Tilts up and down - Arcing across - Zooms - Tracking Guitar shots/microphone movement shots. Not a very busy street, so filming will not be a problem. We will only use natural light here. Coloured back lights: (from left to right) - Blue for Daniel - Purple for Shobnam - Red for Aidan Friday 8th November Thursday 14th November Friday 15th November Wednesday 20th November Thursday 21st Novemeber Friday 22nd November Mise-en-scene Props list:

technical presentation

Transcript: Aggregate production Out lines Introduction (backround) The issue of the production in UAE Quarrying industry activities Environmental impact Air pollution Noise pollution Health hazard Guidelines for quarries Survey Conclusion Locations of current aggregate production in Fujairah Since Fujairah has the biggest portion stones excavation areas in the UAE , the city suffers from several health and environmental issues. these areas of stone crushing are close to residential areas which annoys people around. Transferring Loading & uploading of the prepared materials: Crushing and screening Air pollution Noise pollution Figure : dust coming out from quarries Figure : dust resulting from quarries While quarry blasting this is what happen before and after implementation. Techniques to control noise pollution Figure 2 Citizens opinions about affects of staying around the area. Figure 3 Citizens opinions about staying around the area or move Figure 4 Citizens believes on how much dust and noise will affect their lives. Blasting Air blast Ground vibration Stone crusher Truck traffic All drilling equipment will be fitted with an efficient dust collection system. Proper disposal arrangements to be made for the fine dust collected in bags or filters. All the drilling operators and supervising staff will adopt proper safety measures during drilling operations, includes wearing dust mask and ear plugs. Hours of operation: Drilling operations can be carried out round the clock. In case of complaints from the local residents living within 3 km from the quarry, the hours of operation can be restricted by the local competent authorities. All the drilling and ancillary equipment will be The municipality of Fujairah lately has done a survey from the residential areas around the excavation areas. This large scale survey was done for about 500 people and the results were as the following: Citizens knowledge about the stone crushing . Environmental impacts Health hazards Aggregate industry is growing at a fast pace all over the world since 2002 to meet the demand for the construction projects. For example, in UAE the aggregate industry created major negative environmental impacts, especially in the Northern and Eastern regions of UAE, where the quarries are distributed All stone and aggregate excavations and queries operations in the UAE shall comply with the guidelines for their day to day quarrying operations with respect to: drilling Blasting material handling in-site hauling transportation Major source of air pollution is “dust” Dust have physical effects on the surrounding plants Dust have chemical effects which affect long-term survival MOWE put standards for quarries Give fines Important Guidelines for Quarrying in UAE: - Introduction Quarrying involves activities that generate amounts of noise Mineral processing Exposing the mineral to be extracted Transport Aggregate industry process and results: - The issue of the production in uae Figure : respiratory illnesses Material Handling. Hauling in Site. Important Guidelines for Quarrying in UAE: - Drilling. Aggregate production in UAE is a very active and important process across the emirates and we specialize in our project the stone crushing in Fujairah city. Our study of the quarries negative impacts included two main parts the air and noise problems in addition to health problems. noise pollution is a serious issue bothering the nearby citizens. Several quarries processes caused this pollution such as blasting, air blast, ground vibration, stone crushers and truck traffic The second main problem is health hazards as a result of quarries work. This problem to be solved people should be aware and well taught since problems like sore eyes and throats are common to happen. It should be known that guidelines for quarries process must be followed otherwise problems in quarries work might happen Conclusion Figure : stone blasting Important Guidelines for Quarrying in UAE: - Sore eyes and throats hazardous place to live for those with respiratory illnesses Major source for asthma disease is from the dusts of aggregate excavation is (15% of asthmatic people in UAE) Fujairah case study To surround the area of stone crushing by trees (gardening the area) to prevent the spread of dust. To limit the time of stone crushing works. To not build any more houses near the area of quarries. To create new techniques to absorb the noise coming out from crushing the stone. Trying to eliminate the dust by creating new techniques to move down the dust before spreading to air. suggestions and solution Blasting. Air pollution Noise pollution Important Guidelines for Quarrying in UAE: - Quarrying activities which can cause noise pollution: Figure 1 Citizens knowledge about quarries In UAE, aggregate production is a major industry. Mountainous areas such as Fujairah, RAK and Ajman are major suppliers of aggregates and stones There are more than 100 quarries distributed in the northern eastern regions

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