1. Scientists of N.D.R.I., Karnal (Haryana) developed second clone of which one of the following animals ?

  A. Sheep
  B. Buffalo
  C. Cow
  D. Goat

2. Which snake of the following is non poisonous ?

  A. Cobra
  B. Viper
  C. Coral-Snake
  D. Python

3. In which year was the ‘Project Tiger\' launched to save Indian Tigers ?

  A. 1971
  B. 1973
  C. 1977
  D. 1991

4. Which of the following is measured by \'Anemometer?

  A. Velocity of water-flow
  B. Depth of water
  C. Force of the wind
  D. Intensity of light

5. Dengue is a fever caused and transmitted to other human by :

  A. Virus and female Aedes mosquito
  B. Bacteria and female Culex mosquito
  C. Fungus and female Aedes mosquito
  D. Protozoan and Anopheles mosquito

6. Carbon monoxide poisoning affects mainly which one of the following ?

  A. Digestive activity
  B. Liver functioning
  C. Kidney functioning
  D. Oxygen carrying capacity of blood

7. \'Statics\' is related to which one of the following ?

  A. State of motion
  B. State of rest
  C. State of mind
  D. Study of data

8. According to a new definition adopted by \'International Astronomical Union\' in 2006, which of the following is not a \'planet\' ?

  A. Uranus
  B. Neptune
  C. Pluto
  D. Jupiter

9. \'World AIDS Day is celebrated on which date ?

  A. 12th January
  B. 1st April
  C. 1st May.
  D. 1st December

10. Which of the following is related with the field of electricity generation ?

  A. M.M.T.C.
  B. M.T.N.L.
  C. N.C.L.
  D. N.H.P.C.

11. Ajanta caves are connected with which of the following ?

  A. Ramayana
  B. Mahabharata
  C. Jataka Stories
  D. Panchtantra Stories

12. \"Tripitaka\' is associated with which of the following ?

  A. Jains
  B. Buddhists
  C. Sikhs
  D. Hindus

13. Who among the following organised the society of revolutionaries, \'Abhinav Bharat\' ?

  A. Jatindra Nath Mukherjee
  B. Madan Lal Dhingra
  C. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
  D. Lala Hardayal

14. Who among the following has been first person who delivered his speech in Hindi in U.N.O. ?

  A. Swami Vivekananda
  B. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  C. Atal Bihari Bajpayee
  D. None of the above

15. \'Amir Khusro\' was associated with whose reign among the following ?

  A. Allauddin Khilzi
  B. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
  C. Ibrahim Lodi
  D. Firoz Shah

16. Mohenjo Daro is situated in which of the following ?

  A. Gujarat state of India
  B. Punjab state of India
  C. Sindh Province in Pakistan
  D. Afghanistan

17. Nagarjun Sagar Dam is situated in which state of India ?

  A. Tamil Nadu
  B. Andhra Pradesh
  C. Karnataka
  D. Orissa

18. The Himalayan Mountain Ranges are not a part of which of the following states ?

  A. Uttarakhand
  B. Uttar Pradesh
  C. Sikkim
  D. Himachal Pradesh

19. Which of the following is the general direction of flow of summer monsoon in India ?

  A. From South to North
  B. From South-west to South-east
  C. From South-east to South-west
  D. From South-west to North-east

20. 24. What is the sex ratio of India as per the provisional data of census of India 2011 from the following ?

  A. 935
  B. 940
  C. 945
  D. 950

21. Which one of the following is the first National Park of India ?

  A. Kanha National Park
  B. Dudhwa National Park
  C. Rajaji National Park
  D. Corbett National Park

22. Alaska is a part of which state from the following ?

  A. Greenland
  B. United States of America
  C. Canada
  D. Russia

23. In which of the following continents the Andes Mountain Range is located ?

  A. Australia
  B. Europe
  C. South America
  D. North America

24. The Equator does not pass through which of the following countries ?

  A. Kenya
  B. Mexico
  C. Indonesia
  D. Brazil

25. Which of the following cities is known as the \'City of Canals\' ?

  A. Amsterdam
  B. Rome
  C. Venice
  D. Athens

26. Which one of the following Indian States does not share border with Bhutan ?

  A. Sikkim
  B. Meghalaya
  C. Arunachal Pradesh
  D. West Bengal

27. The party system is the part of which larger system among the following ?

  A. Social system
  B. Economic system
  C. Political system
  D. International system

28. Reserve Bank of India issues currency notes against which of the following ?

  A. Gold
  B. Foreign security
  C. Govt. of India security
  D. All of the above

29. The Consultative Committee of Members of Parliament for Railway Zones is constituted by which of the following ?

  A. President of India
  B. Ministry of Railways
  C. Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  D. Ministry of Transport

30. Which one of the following is the period of 12th Five Year Plan ?

  A. 2007-2012
  B. 2012-2017
  C. 2010-2015
  D. 2006-2011

31. In India, National Income is which following ? computed by by

  A. Ministry of Finance of the
  B. Planning Commission
  C. Central Statistical Organisation
  D. Reserve Bank of India

32. Who among the following is associated with \'White Revolution\'?

  A. P.J. Kurien
  B. Verghese Kurien
  C. M.S. Swaminathan
  D. M.S. Raghunathan

33. Which of the following Banks is the Central Bank of India ?

  A. State Bank of India
  B. Bank of India
  C. Union Bank of India
  D. Reserve Bank of India

34. Who among the following was the Speaker of first Lok Sabha ?

  A. G.V. Mavalankar
  B. K. M. Munshi
  C. G. B. Pant
  D. Acharya Kriplani

35. Which of the following is not a public sector undertaking/enterprise ?

  A. N.T.P.C.
  B. S.A.I.L.
  C. B.H.E.L.
  D. T.I.S.C.O.

36. . Where among the following is the biggest indoor stadium situated in M.P. ?

  A. Gwalior
  B. Indore
  C. Bhopal
  D. Jabalpur

37. Subrato Cup is associated with which of the following ?

  A. Football
  B. Cricket
  C. Chess
  D. Badminton

38. Which Olympic Swimmer amongst the following has won 18 Gold medals in his career ?

  A. Michel Phelps (U.S.A.)
  B. Florent Manaudov (France)
  C. Cullen Jones (U.S.A.)
  D. Ian Thorpe (Australia)

39. Mary Kom is a recipient of :

  A. Bronze medal in 2012 Olympic
  B. Arjun Award
  C. Padma Shree
  D. All of the above

40. Who among the following is the chairman of Madhya Pradesh Sports Council at present ?

  A. Kailash Vijay Vargiya
  B. Shivraj Singh Chauhan
  C. Tukoji Rao Pawar
  D. Vikram Varma

41. Which of the following awards is given by the Madhya Pradesh government to a coach for his dedication in sports ?

  A. Dronacharya award
  B. Parashuram award
  C. Vikram award
  D. Sandipani award

42. What is the name of the goalkeeper of Indian Hockey team/teams which won gold medals in 1956 and 1964 Olympic games ?

  A. Dhyanchand
  B. Ajitpal Singh
  C. Roop Singh
  D. Shankar Laxman

43. Which cricket player among the following has been honoured by Board of Control for Cricket in India giving him C.K. Naidu Lifetime Achievement Award ?

  A. Sunil Gavaskar
  B. Anil Kumble
  C. Sachin Tendulkar
  D. Saurav Ganguli

44. Who among the following won the World Billiard Championship, 2012 ?

  A. Mike Russel
  B. Rupesh Shah
  C. Dhruva Sitwala
  D. Pankaj Advani

45. Who among the following was awarded the prestigious \'Kalidas Samman\' of Madhya Pradesh Government in November 2012 ?

  A. Lata Mangeshkar
  B. Amir Khan
  C. Anupam Kher
  D. Pandit Ravishankar

46. Maximum Soyabean is produced in which area of Madhya Pradesh among the following ?

  A. Malva
  B. Bundelkhand
  C. Baghelkhand
  D. None of the above

47. The boundary of which district of M.P. among the following does not touch Uttar Pradesh ?

  A. Bhind
  B. Satana
  C. Shivpuri
  D. Sheopur

48. Which one of the following is the smallest district of M.P. (in population) ?

  A. Sheopur
  B. Raisen
  C. Datia
  D. Harda

49. Who among the following was the first Chief Minister of M.P. ?

  A. Ravishankar Shukla
  B. Kailashnath Katju
  C. Pattabhi Sitarammaiya
  D. None of the above

50. What is the number of Jyotirlings in M.P. out of twelve Jyotirlingas of India ?

  A. 1
  B. 2
  C. 3
  D. 4

51. With whom among the following ‘Mandu\' is associated ?

  A. Jiwaji Rao
  B. Rani Rupmati
  C. Allauddin Khan
  D. Jhalkari Bai

52. Which one of the following tribes of M.P. is the biggest in population ?

  A. Saharia
  B. Bheel
  C. Cole
  D. Bharia

53. Where among the following famous place for sculpture \'Phadake Studio\' is situated ?

  A. Gwalior
  B. Rewa
  C. Dhar
  D. Bhopal

54. Where is the All India Classical Dance Festival organised every year in M.P. ?

  A. Pachmarhi
  B. Khajuraho
  C. Gwalior
  D. Orachha

55. Sometimes back, Parliament of which country has given extension of six months to Constitutional Assembly to frame constitution ? new

  A. Bhutan
  B. Nepal
  C. China
  D. None of the above

56. By the end of which year, America has given a call to withdraw 33,000 soldiers from Afghanistan ?

  A. 2012
  B. 2013
  C. 2014
  D. 2015

57. . In November 2011, the Pakistan and China held a joint military exercise along which of the following rivers ?

  A. Indus
  B. Chenab
  C. Jhelum
  D. None of the above

58. Which of the following countries boycotted the International Conference on Syria ?

  A. China
  B. Russia
  C. U.S.A.
  D. Both (A) and (B)

59. First lady, other than the queen of Britain who had addressed both houses of British Parliament is

  A. Indira Gandhi
  B. Benazir Bhutto
  C. Sonia Gandhi
  D. Aung San Suukyi

60. ?ir Creek Dispute is in between which of the following two countries?

  A. India-Pakistan
  B. Afghanistan-Pakistan
  C. China-India
  D. India-Bangladesh

61. Anna Hazare got what place in the list of 36 demonstrators released by TIME now ?

  A. First
  B. Fifth
  C. Tenth
  D. Fifteenth

62. Which one of the following is the “National Voters\' Day” ?

  A. 5th June
  B. 1st November
  C. 25th January
  D. 8th March

63. Where was the Asian Shooting Championship, 2012 organised ?

  A. Kuala Lumpur
  B. Colombo
  C. Azerbaijan
  D. Doha

64. In which country is Malala being treated ?

  A. Pakistan
  B. Britain
  C. America
  D. Germany

65. In which district of M.P. is the Industry of Traction Alternators for diesel engines proposed in the rail budget of 2012-13 ?

  A. Satna
  B. Gwalior
  C. Vidisha
  D. Bhopal

66. In which district of M.P. Mandi deep Industrial Cluster is situated ?

  A. Vidisha
  B. Bhopal
  C. Sehore
  D. Raisen

67. In which district of M.P. is railway sleeper manufacturing factory situated ?

  A. Sehore
  B. Bhopal
  C. Hoshangabad
  D. Betul

68. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh ?

  A. Vimla Sharma
  B. Vijaya Raje Scindia
  C. Nirmala Yadav
  D. Uma Bharti

69. Jaldeep Yojana was initially started by M.P. Government from which reservoir ?

  A. Indira Sagar
  B. Gandhi Sagar
  C. Baan Sagar
  D. Yeshwant Sagar

70. At present, who is the Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Assembly ?

  A. Ishwardas Rohani
  B. Mukund Nevalkar
  C. Shreenivas Tewari
  D. None of the above

71. Who was the Chief Minister of M.P. on 1-11-2000 at the time of division of state ?

  A. Arjun Singh
  B. Digvijay Singh
  C. Sundarlal Patwa
  D. Virendra Kumar Saklecha

72. From where the Reliance Industries got the coal bed Methane reserve in M.P. ?

  A. Suhagpur
  B. Guna
  C. Balaghat
  D. Rewa

73. Where is Dushyant Kumar Manuscript Museum situated ?

  A. Bhopal
  B. Jabalpur
  C. Ujjain
  D. Balaghat

74. Who constructed the Sanchi Stupa ?

  A. Chandragupta
  B. Gautam Buddha
  C. Mahavira
  D. Ashoka

75. Which of the following protocol may be used for accessing world wide web?

  D. None of the above

76. Which of the following is a val domain name extension ?

  A. .com
  B. gov
  C. net
  D. All of the above

77. URL stands for :

  A. Unique Resource Locator
  B. Universal Resource Locator
  C. Uniform Resource Locator
  D. United Resource Locator

78. e-Mail stands for :

  A. Electrical Mail
  B. Electronic Mail
  C. Elastic Mail
  D. None of the above

79. Which of the following is free e-mail service provider ?

  A. Hotmail
  B. Rediffmail
  C. Yahoo
  D. All of the above

80. HTML stands for :

  A. Hybrid Text Markup Language
  B. Hypertext Markup Language
  C. Higher Text Markup Language
  D. None of the above

81. A computer virus is :

  A. A computer program that can replicate itself
  B. A virus that affects health of human being
  C. Both of the above
  D. None of the above

82. A computer hacker is :

  A. a person who maintains computer security
  B. a person who violates computer security with malicious intention for personal gain
  C. a person responsible for safe computer operation
  D. a person who repairs computer

83. Video conferencing is :

  A. Conduct of video calls using telecom technology
  B. Conduct of telephone calls
  C. Conduct of video conference using a set of telescopic technology
  D. None of the above

84. Cyber crime is :

  A. Hacking
  B. Stalking
  C. Denial of service attacks
  D. All of the above

85. Which of the following musicians was selected in 2012 for \"Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award\" ?

  A. Pandit Girijashankar
  B. Jakir Hussen
  C. A.R. Rehman
  D. Pandit Ravishankar

86. . M.P. Accountant General\'s Office is situated in which of the following cities?

  A. Bhopal
  B. Gwalior
  C. Jabalpur
  D. Rewa

87. In which city is R.C.V.P. Noronha Administrative Academy situated ?

  A. Jabalpur
  B. Mussoorie
  C. Mumbai
  D. Bhopal

88. All offences punishable under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 are :

  A. Cognizable and non-bailable
  B. Cognizable compoundable and non
  C. Non-cognizable and bailable
  D. Non-cognizable and compoundable

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