As more consumers shop online and use digital forms of payment, the retail industry has become a bigger target for data breaches. Shop safely and defend against threats with information about retail security. Read the latest articles on chip and payment security, multifactor authentication, data protection and more.
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How Shopping Bots Can Compromise Retail Cybersecurity

3 min read - Online shopping bots are not new to the e-commerce world. Stores use bots to offer better customer service, but malicious bots can cause major harm to a business. These pose cybersecurity risks to e-commerce retailers and consumers alike. Some customers use shopping bots to execute automated tasks based on a set of instructions, such as log onto website -> look for specific product -> add product to cart -> check out. Almost all shopping bots have an unfair advantage. For…

3 min read

Cost of a Data Breach: Retail Costs, Risks and More To Know

4 min read - E-commerce sales grew by nearly one-third in 2020, in large part due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, retail data breaches grew even more prevalent and costly. Retailers need to know not just the cost of a data breach, but the risks and challenges involved with one. This can help IT security professionals and business owners protect against attacks. It also helps to look at some of the more infamous data breaches of the past year. Be prepared by knowing what threats…

4 min read

Roundup: Customer Data and Retail Security in the News

3 min read - More people are shopping online than ever before due to the pandemic. Therefore, businesses had to take extra steps to protect customer data, combat fraud and implement the latest in online safety. In 2020, e-commerce retail sales jumped from 16% to 19%, according to data from United Nations trade and development experts from UNCTAD. In the U.S., online retail sales jumped 32.4% year-over-year in 2020. The trend continued with a 39% increase in Q1 2021. Reports from IBM’s U.S. Retail Index…

3 min read

Supply Chain Attack: What It Is (and What to Do About It)

4 min read - The past two years have delivered major disruptions for supply chains. The pandemic pushed supply chain attack issues front-and-center, with disruptions up 67% in 2020 and problems expected to persist as global markets adjust to 'new normal' operations. Increasing reliance on digital supply solutions, however, has also set the stage for increasing supply chain attacks. These attacks are expected to increase four-fold in 2021. Here's what enterprises need to know about supply chain threats. Check out the current state of…

4 min read
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